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How are we building the best team in Silicon Valley? One person at a time.

Nick Maranta

Nick Maranta // 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Owner/Master Mechanic

Nick started Mercedes Service of Silicon Valley in 2016 with the goal of creating a shop that shared his vision and love for Mercedes vehicles. He started with his life’s savings and expert certifications and jumped feet first into a lifelong dream.

Mercedes Service of Silicon valley now services more than 2000 loyal customers and is growing every day. When we talk about building lifelong clients, we mean it.

Christian Perez

Christian Perez // 6 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Journeyman Mercedes Mechanic

Like Mercedes, we demand a high level of quality in our work. Christian joined the team shortly after opening and is now the lead in the shop, overseeing all vehicles that come through and making sure they pass our rigorous standards.

Christian Graduated from UTI in 2012 and has been working in the automotive industry since.

Elizabeth Maranta

Elizabeth Maranta // 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Service Manager

As MSSV grew, there was a distinct and indisputable need for someone who could put their full attention to the customers needs. That’s when Elizabeth came into the picture.

She joins the team with 17 years of experience of customer service experience and helps provide attentive and informed service to our customers.


We believe in signing our name on the work we do. Our customers know the difference.

I went to Mercedes Service of SV because it was so close to my home but after meeting Nick I'd happily drive far away to work with him. He's the owner and head mechanic. It's nice to be greeted with a smile and being given great customer service while knowing that you're working with a guy who's been servicing Mercedes for many years. The service fees are really reasonable too. I had the Service A, brake fluid changed and AT fluid changed expecting to pay double what I paid. Thanks, Nick!
Keith H.
This is my new to go service spot. I was able to schedule a same day service, I notice you can also schedule your appointment online which is super convenient. The customer service was great nick was able to finish my service b in a timely manner, the price was better than other shops. They even offered to give me a car wash which was a plus. Overall I'm very happy with my experience.
I've had some pretty bad experiences with mechanics but this place was exceptional!!! I let the gas run out on my CL600 (gas gauge wasn’t quite on E)and thought my engine was misfiring. Took it in and expected them to take me for all I have. Not a chance. They gassed it up and called me to come pick it up. Also my “AC off” light was on and I thought i might need a new compressor. Nope, they put Freon in and just charged me for the Freon. I’d definitely recommend this place. Thanks Nick
Isa A.
Yes, I am a little biased as I am a repeat customer (since 2018). I will only get my Mercedes E300 services here as I trust their honesty, knowledge and professionalism. I promise you will have a better experience & confidence in them than going to a dealer. Just compare their reviews against any dealer. To be told you don't need a specific service because the service is not due or the fluid is still good continues to reinforce my positive opinion of them as well. Integrity goes a long way! Nick & Elizabeth are a great (dream) team and I wish them great success and growth in the years to come.
Well just did the B Service for my Mercedes... I tell you, this is the ONLY place to take your car. Liz and Nick are professional and friendly. I was there at 8:00 as promised and done by 8:45. Nick even checked a leak with one of my chrome rims and looked up where to get another or how to fix it. This is like going to a family friend that does FABULOUS work. I know we are not driving much these days, but taking care of our cars is very important. I might purchase another Mercedes, just cause now I have an excellent Mercedes Service team I can count on. Thank you both for being so professional and helpful. Tina
I don't think I've met a nicer, more genuine technician/mechanic or business owner than Nick. As a first time Mercedes owner (of not 1, but 2) I am absolutely relieved to have found Mercedes Service of Silicon Valley. Nick has spent hours at this point, out of sheer courtesy, advising me about two preowned E-class Mercedes' that I brought him for pre-inspection. He exudes passion for what he does and he incredibly knowledgeable. I had researched the hell out of these cars for months leading up to when I brought them to Nick, and he was able to speak to everything I'd read about, potential issues, what to look out for, etc. all on the fly. He's a consummate professional, and I have no doubt he could tell you anything you'd want to know about any year and model Benz (and probably any other European car). I haven't spent a dollar at Mercedes Service of Silicon Valley (yet), but I can already tell you they've earned my business. Having a great mechanic is like having a great attorney, you don't realize what you have until sh*t hits the fan-belt =) Easiest five star review I've written. These guys earned it.
Jimmy R.

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